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Bright, clean, cozy, hi-tech, friendly, welcoming, calming, conservative, expert, trustworthy, professional, industry leader, corporate—whatever mood, idea or image you need to get your message across I can design your site to meet your goals. I've built 300+ sites over the last 13 years that have helped various clients drive sales, build public awareness, increase membership and educate.


Logo design is a fascinating challenge. Take a set of adjectives, mix in some feelings, throw in a dash of pizzazz, let it simmer, and you have a concept. Logos have to be workhorses, legible on everything from a pen to the side of a truck. Great logos work on a number of levels—they convey a mood, an idea, perhaps even a promise.

With over 30 years of experience in design and production your branding will shine through, whether I am developing your image or building on an established brand. I will see your project through from start to finish, whether you need design and printing, signage or mass distribution through direct marketing.

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I make small business look BIG.

It's tough out there and even tougher to distinguish yourself. You know your business, but you may not know how to read a rate card or what is a reasonable amount to spend on your advertising. There are far more options today and your message can easily get lost.

I've spent my career helping small businesses grow by creating ad plans that get results and don't blow budgets. I help my clients define their audience, craft their messages, create and place ads, and measure their effectiveness.

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This is the umbrella that covers advertising, branding and PR. It's what keeps your business successful. How will you get all these elements working for you 24/7?

I create marketing plans and train my clients to execute them. It's a perfect solution for the small business without an in-house marketing department—a plan tailored to your budget, time constraints, equipment and staffing. I also set up email and online marketing campaigns you can manage on your own.

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